About Us


About Us

First Capricorn Entertainment (aka 1CE) is a privately held and operated Digital Audio and Video Production Company with global service.

Whether distribution is intended for the Internet, Broadcast, Theater Showing or Live Performance Integration, our clients know they can count on us for a solution to fit their budgets.


Video and Film Experience: I excel in communicating with as well as directing and/or managing people. I am also quite the technophobe and have a great deal of knowledge about the technical aspects of producing quality video, including a mastery of lighting, sound and post production issues.

Our Principal at Work
First Capricorn’s Principal at Work
We have a number of years experience in Television, Film and Video Production. My various roles have ranged from fetching coffee to directing and every possible job in between. Some of the more significant roles on various TV shows and Live Productions have been Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Assistant Producer, Production Manager, Videographer, Editor, Gaffer, and Set Design and Construction.

I have over 20 years experience working with a multiple Emmy award winning veteran TV Producer and have learned the value of being detailed oriented in any production no matter how big or how small.

My credits include significant work on 3 seasons of a broadcast television news magazine show similar to 60-minutes, several TV pilots and several live productions. Additionally, I have written an original feature-length screenplay intended for large screen motion picture release and I have a few more in the works.

By: Darryl Glover, Principal

Our Gear

Audio Rack Inside Our Studio
Audio Rack Inside Our Studio
Audio: For in studio audio, we have a Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface with 16 Inputs and a wide variety of studio condenser as well as dynamic microphones. This set-up allows us to perform a large variety of studio audio recording including voice over work, music vocal and instrument tracks, ADR and large cast animation vocals. For location recording we use our Tascam DR-40 or DR60D multi-track digital recorders, which we usually compliment with a variety of shotgun and other suitable microphones. For large scale audio location projects (ie. you wanted to record a large band or an orchestra), we can send our 1800 to the field with a high-end notebook computer.

Video: We have several video cameras including 4K and HD action cameras. We utilize a large variety of shooting platforms including ultra stable aerial drones, hand held stabilizers, jib cranes, underwater gear, etc. We also have over a dozen different video lights to help assure the quality of our work, including LED, Cool Fluorescent and Tungsten. In short, we have the gear and expertise to capture video in a variety of ways and the quality will astound you.

Our Post Suite

Hardware: Our main A/V Production/Post/Editing Suite consists of a pair of Windows based units equipped with quad-core Intel processors. Additional system highlights include:

  • Three 24″ WUXGA (widescreen ultra extended graphic array) monitors – 1920×1200,
  • a networked 1080p 60″ HD monitor for group screening of works in progress,
  • an expandable multi-terabyte NAS with cloud server, and
  • a 1.5 kva uninterruptible power source and a separate isolation transformer.
  • The specifications of this system is equal to or exceeding that of a mission critical system.

Software: We are constantly on the look out for the best DAW and NLE software suites, plug-ins, etc. to accomplish the many tasks we are faced with. If you can think of it, we probably use it or have used it and moved on to something better. We often find it necessary to use several competing and seemingly similar products on a single project. In short, we use everything from very sophisticated audio sequencers to a 3-D composite and graphic automation system for Pixar style animating, which makes Photoshop look like an “etch-a-sketch”. That’s not to bad mouth Adobe, because we use virtually all of their products too.


With Clients: We strive to exceed all client’s expectations by delivering a superior product on time at a price point well below our competitors. You will also notice there are a very limited amount of videos of our clients on this site. To state it as simple as possible, having outdated and/or unwanted material randomly circulating on the internet is potentially a huge problem. To combat this on our end, we have a very strict confidentiality ethic which prevents us from even asking permission to post our client’s media on our web site. This same courtesy will be extended to you.

Internally: For in house projects, our goal is to create good entertainment without guns. We don’t find being shot, maimed and killed to be particularly entertaining. Without sounding too preachy, society has become overly desensitized to extreme violent acts and we’d like to be able to create entertainment that stimulates the mind without all of the blood and gore. We’re all being led down the wrong path when movies and TV shows depicting sex, which creates life, is considered taboo. While at the same time, people being gunned down and slaughtered by the dozens is glorified in gaming, on prime time TV and at theaters.