Beta Test Sites Needed


We are in need of Beta Test sites. Ideal sites will already have a number of HD displays and a robust Wifi network in place. To participate in our Beta Test Site Program, the school or business will need to agree to the following …

  1. Participate in the Test program for 1 year.
  2. Assign a single person contact as liaison for the testing period.
  3. Purchase Asus Chromebit media players at cost (currently $90.00) for each display.
  4. Acquire Chrome Kiosk/Chrome Enterprise License from Google for each Chromebit media player.
  5. Secure a Tier 1 Cloud Access Subscription from us. This is regardless of how many displays they have. The more the merrier. The Tier 1 cost is $1,000 for an Educational Subscription and $1,5000 for a Business Subscription
  6. Give periodic feedback.

We will work closely throughout the testing period with program participants to set up the administration side with Google Sign Builder/Scheduler or recommend a third-party app for participants that are less technically inclined.

Beta Test participants will be granted a 25% discount on their next year’s fees if they decide to stay in the program after the beta test period has ended. Subsequent years will be at regular tier pricing levels.