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Project Empathy Video on a Screen/Digital Kiosk in a School Library (sim)

Target Launch Date: 07-Jan-2019

Our Project Empathy is aimed towards schools, institutions and businesses interested in conveying thought provoking dynamic messages, which promote empathy, harmony and understanding of others, as well as other messages geared towards creating positive and healthy mindsets. Whenever possible, our messages include humor, as laughter truly is a great medicine.

Project participants can choose content from either our short videos or memes, which can be streamed to Digital Kiosks or converted existing HD screens. Think of Project Empathy as the old school workplace motivational poster campaigns brought into the 21st Century and put on steroids with brilliant HD video imagery.

Our Project Empathy professionally produced meme artwork and video clips are customized to precisely reflect target audiences. It has been scientifically proven that people tend to pay attention when a message is being delivered by someone that resembles themselves, assuring the intended messages are actually delivered. You will therefore have some control in determining what messages become Viral at your business or institution(s). Under certain circumstances, we may use video actually shot at your business or institution.

The goal of Project Empathy is to counterbalance the negativity, violence and bullying prevalent in social media, gaming, news and entertainment. We know this isn’t a magic bullet solution, but rather one tiny step, albeit a much needed and important one, in the right direction.

We offer a large and growing library of Project Empathy memes and video clips for you to choose from, which includes a variety of different themes; messages; ages and ethnicities, including fun animated clips suitable for young children. Prior to being added to our content libraries, all Project Empathy content is approved by a review board, which includes current and/or former Education and HR Professionals. Businesses may be especially interested in our Anti-Sexual Harassment and Diversity themed content.

Our professionally produced content is available for immediate download or by subscription for an annual or monthly fee for access to our complete content libraries. Please see the Pricing Tab for details.

Digital Kiosk

Digital Kiosk in a School with mixed content including Project Empathy Video (sim)

Using Digital Kiosks (Display plus Media Player), our Project Empathy content can be deployed on an individual stand-alone or on an enterprise or district-wide basis using Cloud-based Technology allowing system management from a single console. A typical installation would include a series (playlist) of our short professionally produced HD video clips, which are target audience specific, looped for continuous play. Click Here for a Kiosk content demo. click on [F-11] for full screen effect.

Hardware Requirements
Each Digital Kiosk consists of a digital media player and a display or TV. You may be able to convert your existing flat screen TV’s into Digital Kiosks as long as they have an open HDMI input. To complete the conversion you will likely need to add media players to each existing TV.

Recommended Media Players
Asus Chromebit mobile computer: Please see the Hardware tab on our Support Page for details.

Recommended Kiosk Displays
Samsung DC Series 32-inch to 55-inch: Please see the Hardware tab on our Support Page for details.



Video Clips
The 3 sample videos below illustrate our ability to direct the same message to different target Ages. Target audiences can be further narrowed to specific ethnicities. Our aim is to be as diverse or specific as needed with the various cast members in the messages deployed at your institutions(s). Even though these samples include targeted audio tracks, your Digital Kiosk content may be deployed as video only without any sound to accommodate installations in quiet areas. Please note, sample clips are watermarked and not intended for distribution.

Target Age: High School/University

Target Age: Middle School

Target Age: Primary School



Single Screen Pricing
Generally, our HD video clips are 1-2 minutes long with pricing starting at $50 (USD) each. Our static Memes are available as slideshows in 30 or 60 second video format with prices starting at $25 (USD) each. Usage is limited to our Terms of Service. Individual prices are as listed in our online Educational Content and Business Content stores, where purchases can be made and immediately downloaded. Downloaded media is non-refundable (no exceptions).

To display media content, many modern flat screen displays and/or televisions have a built-in “Media Play” function and a USB port. Simply copy the files to a blank USB (thumb drive) and plug it into the display’s USB port located on the back or side. Then switch the display to Media Play mode and follow the manufacturer’s directions for viewing a playlist. Be sure to set the playlist on repeat all or loop.

Please beware that some units do not have repeat or loop functionality. Please determine your units capabilities prior to purchasing any of our content. We recommend you download and try the media from our Samples Tab first, as we adhere to a strict no refund policy for downloaded media. If your device does not have playlist functionality, a media player will need to be used.

If you need additional guidance, you may need to visit your display manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions for your specific model. Links for common manufacturers are on the Display Mfrs. tab of our Support page.

All Access Pricing
If you would like to subscribe to all of our content, then an All Access Subscription may be for you. If you intend to play our copyrighted media on more than one Display / Screen / Digital Kiosk, then our All Access Subscription is what you will need. If you’re wondering how you can play our media on several devices, see the Cloud Technology tab. For pricing, please see our All Access Store, and you should also familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service.

Digital Kiosk Pricing
Existing HD displays can possibly be converted to Digital Kiosks by simply adding appropriate media players at little cost. If needed, we can provide commercial grade HD Digital Kiosks starting around $3,000 per installed unit (Display, Media Player, wall bracket and electrical outlet including professional installation by a licensed and insured subcontractor). Hardware pricing is quantity dependent and volume discounts are available offering significant per unit savings. Our management team has many years of experience in large-scale design/build project management, meaning we can offer you a professional turnkey solution for just a few units or provisioning an entire business enterprise or school district.

Cloud Technology

While Google Sign Builder is not new, it is an excellent low cost solution for digital signage that many businesses and schools could be using ā€“ especially since many schools these days are using G Suite.

Using any Chrome device, the Google Sign Builder app (free in the Chrome Web Store) and a big screen ā€“ you can create an easy to edit, playlist of our content on your business or school’s digital signs. Concurrently, you can provide any other information on your digital signs.

Until now, a common use for digital signage has been for notices and announcements in common areas, lunchroom menus or entrance signs. Generally you would then create Google Slide presentations to display your information. Once the sign is set up, any administrator with access can update and edit the digital signs’ content.

Getting started
In terms of hardware all you need is a Chrome Device and a large display such as a tv and the relevant license(s) and software from Google.

If you have someone techy, great instructions available from Google are here, which can be followed to deploy Google Sign Builder and get your business or school started. There are also premium (paid) third-party apps available, which claim to make this process easier for end users.

Once it is deployed there are various options around scheduling your content. One thing to keep in mind is making sure that you avoid having a blank screen. To do this you can create a default sign which will always be displayed when nothing else is scheduled. This could be as simple as your business logo or school crest/motto. Other helpful tips on scheduling are available from Google here.

If you donā€™t have the time or need some help getting started, simply get in contact with us.

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