Our specialty is HD Digital Production, Photography and Videography. From planning to shooting to editing to deployment. Whatever the project, large or small, we have the gear needed along with the experience and skills to use it to provide all of your digital media needs.

Live Streaming

We offer Professional Live Streaming services using high definition video cameras and professional audio equipment. This service is especially suited for Interviews, Town Hall Meetings, Concerts, Church Services or any events wanting to stream live on social media web sites such as Facebook Live, Youtube Live, etc. This new technology allows you the opportunity to reach hundreds or thousands of potential interested patrons via their television, computer, smartphone or tablet device.

Live Streaming rates start at $295 per session. Please download this document for details.


We offer Live Webinar production as a partnership or service. Partnering with us on a Webinar offers you a unique opportunity to monetize a live show with a minimal amount of upfront costs.

Training Videos

Our Corporate Training video production service is ideally suited for all businesses wishing to provide a cost effective solution for training their new and existing employees. We offer everything from …

– Point-of-view (POV) computer training videos,
– Recording your in-house orientations, training classes and seminars, and
– Multi-camera “how to” action shots.

Your finished videos can be deployed to DVD, your intranet or the internet for unlimited access. Stand alone works start at $500 each. Ask us about our preferred customer discounts and how you can get a series of videos for as little as $200 each.

Just imagine the utility, convenience and savings your company can realize by having a library of your unique and professionally created training and orientation videos available securely online to be used anywhere, anytime, time and time again.

Music Videos



Equipment Pre-purchase Consulting: We’re ready to help with your analog as well as digital needs. Don’t suffer from research overload. Let us be your expert. Whether you’re considering building a new audio or video studio or you’re about to get involved in putting on a live production with a big rental bill or you just need a few pieces of equipment for your home or office, we can usually get you started in the right direction. We are not a re-seller, so there’s no hidden markup for this service. Future Broadcasters should visit this link.

Commercials and Advertising: With over 30 years of various business experience, we have a lot to offer. However, our primary focus is to assist businesses and individuals to invest their media budget wisely through proper and sometimes extensive planning.

For example, it’s one thing to want to shoot a commercial to advertise your business. Prior to getting started, we want to make sure you have a look at the end game, which will probably include discussions on your overall marketing campaign to include Branding, Placement, Budget and a variety of other related topics.

I think we would all agree, the successful marketers have long standing and well established marketing campaigns. It’s doubtful you or your business will have the same yearly advertising budget as Coca Cola or McDonald’s, but that does not mean you can’t establish yourself in your market with strong symbols that people can identify with you and your company.

Nowadays, even the largest companies have minimized or eliminated using high profile talent to promote their brand and have opted for animated characters (the Geico gecko) or unknown actors (AT&T’s Lily or Progressive’s Flo). This trend has helped level the playing field for smaller businesses to effectively compete when an overall plan is discussed, developed and thoroughly implemented. We want to be a part of this discussion with you.

“Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so pre-occupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should. (From the character Dr. Ian Malcolm portrayed by Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park-1993)”



Our rates are not just competitive, we offer an unbelievable bargain for the quality and professionalism we offer. Remember, your goal is the end product. As you can tell from our introductory video and other samples, we have the expertise to produce digital video consistent with what the big boys can do. And we can do this for you without breaking the bank.

“For comparison purposes, nationwide in the US, production of a 30-second local TV advertisement can run up to $15,000. National ads can easily run in the mid six figure range (over $300k). Our typical cost for 30-second ads for internal expenses are under $2,500. Considering the quality, this is a downright steal. Of course your project(s) may be more than this, especially if other expenses, such as hired talent, music licensing fees, etc., are required. However, this will still be a bargain compared to what you would get from our competitors.”

We work on a $125 per hour (**) flat rate accrued in half day increments (4-hour minimums) each calendar day worked. This includes all owned equipment and the clock starts prior to load-up at our facility for on-location production and related work including but not necessarily limited to Consulting, Meetings, Videography, Photography, Audio/PA, etc. The same rate and minimums apply to consulting, editing and post production work performed in our office or facility.

A limited amount (up to 4-hours) of Pre-Production meeting, planning, consulting, etc. will be provided gratis for each project. Pre-Production in excess of the 4-hours will accrue at the $125 per hour flat rate.

Talent, Location fees, Music and other Licensing fees, Rental Equipment, Internet Fees, etc. will usually be extra and will accrue at Cost plus a 10% Processing and Handling Fee (**).

We have a simple three point payment plan.

  • A retainer equaling or ½ of the estimated total project cost will be required and is due prior to completion of the Pre-Production phase. We will provide you with an estimate during Pre-Production.
  • Interim progress payments are expected to be made in a consistent manner (biweekly or monthly) on lengthy projects.
  • Without exception, final payment of the complete balance is due in full on the day of the project’s completion.

Ask us about our preferred and/or large project customer discounts.

** These rates and fees are current as of May 1, 2018 and supersede any previously quoted rates. These rates will remain in effect for 6-months at which time they will be subject to change.